Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is at 7.00pm on 5th November 2020. Due to COVID-19 restrictions it will be held online via Zoom. An invitation link will be sent to members by email.

The Annual General Meeting is an important opportunity to make sure Dean Forest Beekeepers is everything you want it to be.

We will start with a review of the last year. Any matters arising that require membership vote will be held. The current committee will stand down and new committee members elected (all posts are open to volunteers). If you are interested please contact us. There will be plenty of time for chat and refreshments at the end.

The full list of committee roles is as follows – the ones where the current committee member will NOT stand for re-election are highlighted. Of course, it should be noted, that all positions are available for new nominations.

Chairman: Engage the association membership proactively to understand what they want from the association. Manage association committee meetings. Host the AGM and introduce speakers at events.

Treasurer: Manage the finances of the association; ensure membership fees are paid, ensure training course fees are paid, ensure all member purchases are paid; ensure expenses are refunded to committee members. Manage the membership list and the annual process for joiners/leavers.

Secretary: As the primary point of contact for the association; manage public queries, forward GBKA communications appropriately, forward communications to members from committee and collate responses as required, take minutes of meetings.

GBKA Representative: Attend GBKA meetings on behalf of DFB committee and report back.

Apiary Manager: Provide overall direction to the association apiary and give clear guidance at beginning of each session. Ensure there are enough colonies in the correct state to meet association requirements.

Apiary Manager (non-bees): Look after the apiary infrastructure by fixing or arranging to have fixed any issues. Arrange work parties to improve facilities at the apiary as agreed by the committee.

Education Manager: Encourage the ongoing education of our membership. Learn from other associations and keep abreast of BBKA/NBU/NDB training. Organise training calendar and logistics for our courses and bee safaris. Manage application forms for the Treasurer.

Bee Improvement Manager: Manage production of association queens and the provision of queens to members. Develop the knowledge of members to encourage bee breeding for improvement. Liaise with other queen rearing groups to share knowledge and genetics.

Shows Manager: Agree the shows to attend with the committee. Liaise with show organisers and obtain tickets for helpers. Arrange helpers to support the shows. Ensure availability of all kit required for show (marquee, tables, stands, leaflets, etc). Arrange trailer towing and transport of bees. Manage show sales and cash for the Treasurer.

Honey Show Manager: Book the venue and arrange the judge. Provide the honey show entry form and schedule to members. Manage acceptance of entries, award of prizes and general coordination on show day.

Procurement Manager: Manage the sale of the agreed list of items provided by the association to members. Maintain a stock list and a price list. Manage invoices and receipts for the Treasurer. Manage the ordering of replacement stocks to meet demands of members.

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