FOR SALE: Beekeeping Equipment

I have the following for sale:

Hive with bees
Thornes national roof 4” cedar
Crown board + 2 porter bee escapes
Framed metal queen excluder
Brood chamber with 11 frames bees and 2019 marked queen
Cedar mesh floor with entrance block and varroa board
Cedar hive stand with alighting board
PRICE: £220
Please note that this will not be available until the honey has been taken off.

Unused Complete Thornes national cedar hive
4” Roof
Crown board & porter bee escapes
Super with 9 frames & foundation
Framed metal queen excluder
Brood box with 11 DN4 frames & foundation
Dummy board
Mesh floor, entrance block & varroa board
Hive stand with alighting board
PRICE: £170

Miscellaneous Items
2 x English Bee Feeder £5 each
2 x Adapta Eke with rhombus clearer £24 each
Uncapping fork £1
Unused 4 Frame Stainless Steel Extractor Integral Filter Bottling Tank And Side Handle + £250
Honey Refractometer £16
BBKA Guide to Beekeping £9
Collins Beekeeping Bible £18
Hive Tool.£1
Frame Rest £2
Tool tub £1
Hive numbers (1-10) £1
2 x Hive Straps £4 each
Pair castellated spacers (10 slot) £1
2 pairs frame runners £1

Please contact a Peter Lamacraft on 07966 536661 for further details and to purchase.

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