Botany Club

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We all know bee nutrition is important. Our text books are full of phrases like like protein deficiency, gut microflora, poly-floral pollen, starvation, malnutrition of the larvae, dry brood, lack of habitat, monoculture – they all boil down to one thing – the bees are being weakened by the lack of forage choices.

Knowing the pathogenic enemy is a good strategy for beekeeping and we must strive for proficiency in diagnosis and treatment, however, prevention is better than cure and maybe we can help by providing our bees with a better diet. It is not an easy task, we are after all ‘the landless farmers’, bees being free to forage miles outside the apiary, far beyond where we can provide or protect them. However, given a nearer option rich in pollen and nectar, they will stay and work closer to home.

Our Botany Club meets monthly and approaches this challenge head on by helping people to learn more about the seasonal wild and cultivated plants we can use to enrich our gardens and apiaries. Activities include plant identification, seed and cutting exchange propagation workshops, walks, garden visits, and winter talks.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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