The dates for shows we are attending can be found on our calendar.

Dean Forest Beekeepers support agricultural and community shows throughout the beekeeping season.

Our enthusiastic members enjoy educating the public about bees and beekeeping. When possible we bring a couple of hives and allow the bees to forage naturally. We will demonstrate the art of beekeeping and answer questions as we inspect the hives. When the weather is not suitable or health & safety concerns restrict flying bees we have our observation hives that provide a view, through glass, into the inside of a hive so that people can see bees going about their daily tasks.

We have local hive products for sale including many local honeys, wax products such as candles, and other artisan craft products.

We have beekeeping equipment to demonstrate and information panels to explain the importance of bees, how they live, and how we work with them to pollinate our crops and produce honey and other products for us.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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