Honey Bee Health Course

Our 2021 course has been cancelled.

COVID NOTICE: Course structure and delivery method subject to change to ensure safety of students and trainers. If the course is cancelled a full refund will be given.

Once you start keeping honey bees you soon realise what amazing creatures they are and that they provide the opportunity for a lifetime of learning.  After a few seasons of putting into practice what you learned on the Basic course you should consider our Honey Bee Health training course to improve your understanding, practice, and confidence of beekeeping through knowledge and techniques aimed at keeping them in the best possible health. 

Our Honey Bee Health training course follows the syllabus of the BBKA Honey Bee Health Certificate but there is no pressure to take the exam if you don’t feel you want to.  The training course is equally valuable to those who just want to improve their personal beekeeping.

The 1 day course is led by experienced beekeepers and provides lunch and refreshments

During the course you will learn through theory and practical activities how to:

  • protect your bees through best practice apiary hygiene procedures
  • manage disease through comb change manipulations such as Shook Swarm and Bailey Comb Change
  • identify the signs of adult and brood diseases
  • complete a full brood disease inspection
  • collect a Sample of Bees for microscopy
  • use a Lateral Flow Device
  • implement the correct procedures to meet disease related statutory requirements and regulations
  • create a Varroa IPM strategy suitable for your bees

At the end of the course you will have learned new skills and manipulations that will enable you to manage healthier colonies.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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