Assembling a frame by Jim Vivian-Griffiths

The Honey bee life cycle is a general interest video

Queen marking is a short video from the USA

Thomas Seeley is one of the world’s leading experts on bees and their behaviour, and it is well worth viewing some of his videos on YouTube, which you can find here: Tom Seeley videos

These high-quality films from IWF Knowledge and Media in Germany are very old now but still interesting:

The Waggle Dance (18 minutes 20 seconds)

Making a skep beehive (14 min 3 seconds)

Heathland Beekeeping 1: Spring Work in a Heather Skep Apiary

Heathland Beekeeping 2: Preparations for the Swarming Period

Heathland Beekeeping 3: Work during the Prime Swarming Period

Heathland Beekeeping 4: Work during the cast forming period

Heathland Beekeeping 5: Summer work during the heather flow

Heathland Beekeeping 6: Autumn Work in a Heather Skep Apiary

Heathland Beekeeping 7: Harvest of Heather Honey

Heathland Beekeeping 8: Wax Pressing in a Traditional Apiary

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