• For Sale – Miscellaneous beekeeping equipment October 31, 2018

    Sally Harris has the following for sale;

    frame feeders, Miller feeder, nuc boxes, trickle2 dispensers, frame hanger, frame display case, solid floor, small smoker, cut comb boxes, bottles, 8oz hex/round/square jars, Manley frames available.

    Please mail sally at eatmoreveg@googlemail.com for photos and prices.

  • For Sale – 1lb Jars August 17, 2018

    Boxes of 72x 1lb (454g) jars & lids (from Rawlings) available for £25.  If you would like to buy some they can be delivered to the apiary on Thursday evenings for you to collect.

    Please contact: Matthew Newell on 07840874567 or md_newell@yahoo.es

  • For Sale – Tangential Extractor and Stand July 26, 2018

    Allergy to bee stings forces sale of the following that were purchased last summer and only used once:

    • Thorne’s B.S. Tangential Table Top Extractor (product code E1800) suitable for up to 5 hives, National/WBC, costing £246
    • stand for bolting to the floor costing £42

    Price for both is £110 ono.

    Contact: Gary Dermody 01594833590 or 07964737306

  • For Sale – Bees July 20, 2018
    Anna has a 6 frame nuc (bees only) with last year’s Queen (clipped and marked) in a travelling box for £130.
    A Maisemore poly nuc incl feeder is available for an extra £40 if required.
    Delivery can be arranged in the Forest of Dean.
    Contact Anna on 07813964362 or greenfinch762@gmail.com
  • For Sale – beekeeping equipment June 27, 2018

    Keith Cole (01594 529 474) has the following equipment for sale for £280

    • 4 Varroa & Entrance Boards
    • 3 Brood Boxes
    • 10 Supers plus Frames
    • 3 Roof Blanks ( for keeping roofs off Feeders )
    • 3 Roofs
    • 4 Crown Boards
    • 6 Queen Excluders
    • 4 Feeders
    • 1 Hand Held Refractometer ( new )
    • 1 4 x Frame Honey Extractor ( been cleaned & parts inside extractor. Been used twice)
    • 3 Filters
    • 2 5us gallon Honey Buckets (plastic)
    • 1 2us gallon Honey Bucket (plastic)
    • 1 Smoker
    • 2 Bee Brushes
    • 1 Frame Rest
    • Porter Escapes plus other accessories including spare Frames.
  • WBC parts for sale February 25, 2018

    Patrick has the following WBC parts for sale:
    – 12x supers
    – 4x brood boxes
    – 3x crown boards
    – 5x queen excluders
    – 4x crown board/clearers with rhrombus escapes fitted (heavier gauge wood)

    The price is £225. Please contact Patrick on 07786013869.

  • Honey Wanted October 25, 2017


    If anyone has honey in buckets for sale, please let me know. Best prices paid and will collect.

    Gary Grindle
    E-mail:      bees@rosedean.co.uk
    Tel:            01452760138
    Mobile:      07508834431


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