This event is hosted by Gwent Beekeepers but it is very much open everybody as it is run and funded by the NBU.

The workshops will provide an opportunity for beekeepers to get an understanding of the purpose and value of the Inspectorate’s work and, most importantly, to develop their knowledge and diagnosis of the key pest and disease threats to their bees. We will be bringing our ever popular diseased combs to give attendees first hand and, we hope only, experience of brood disease. We will also be providing stalls of information covering a wider range of pests and diseases and relevant good beekeeping practice, from varroa control to biosecurity and exotic pests.

The 2018 Bee Health events in Wales will be ‘drop in’ workshops, allowing attendees to come and go at a time of their choosing, and to focus on the issues of greatest concern to them.  you are welcome to drop in anytime between 2pm and 5pm at Gwent BKA, Goytre Hall, NP4 0AW.

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