On Saturday 26th May, seven of our members took time out from their own bees to attend our Honey Bee Health course led by Jim Vivian-Griffiths, Val Vivian-Griffiths, and Adam Parker (all Master Beekeepers).  This course helps beekeepers improve their understanding and practice of beekeeping and aligns to the syllabus of the new BBKA Honey Bee Health Certification.

During the morning Jim shared his knowledge and experience of the current and possible future pest and disease threats facing honeybees.  The monitoring and control of Varroa is one of the key elements discussed given its ability to damage brood and act as a vector for the spread of viruses.


In the afternoon, Jim, Val, and Adam led practical sessions covering Shook Swarm, Bailey Comb Change, and Disease Inspection techniques to help them manage issues and keep their bees healthy.  The students were able to attempt the manipulations with expert assistance and view a number of colonies which have had the same treatments during recent weeks to see how the colonies develop afterwards.


Many thanks to Rosemary Snowdon for providing a lovely ploughman’s lunch and spoiling us as usual.

Feedback on the course includes:

“essential for anyone who wants to keep healthy and productive bees”
“the content was well researched, knowledgeable and thoroughly up to date”
“I highly recommend the 1 day ‘Bee Health’ course delivered by the team”
“I have no hesitation in recommending this course for value, content and experience”

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