Enrolment for our Introduction to
Beekeeping Course is now open.
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Our course has been designed for those who have had no experience of honey bees, and is intended as a “taster” for those who may consider taking up beekeeping the following year.

In the morning there will be a talk/discussion with participants covering the following:

  • The hives we use to keep our bees and the equipment needed.
  • A description of the roles of the bees in our hives and their natural history.
  • Food requirements of honey bees and pollination.
  • A year in the life of honey bees.
  • Brief details of the problems suffered by honey bees, and solutions by beekeepers to overcome these problems.

Lunch is provided, along with tea & coffee.

In the afternoon, we will be joined by some of our experienced members, and will open bee hives to give you all a chance to handle frames of bees, and appreciate how a colony of bees is managed.

We will provide bee suits and latex gloves for all participants, who should wear loose fitting trousers (smooth material) and bring their wellingtons.

The very fundamental interaction with the bees; inspecting a frame.

We hope you’ll join us for this introduction and for the Beginners course over winter / spring and look forward to seeing you at our apiary and association meetings in the future.

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