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Apiary sessions

Our apiary sessions are held from 6.00 pm on Thursday evenings from April to the end of September.

Apiary grass cutting rota

The rota for 2017 is here: Grass Cutting Schedule for 2017

Branch library

There is a list of the books in our library here: Library list.

During the season the library can be found in our clubhouse: please fill details in the red book when you borrow a book, and remember to mark as returned when you do so.
During Winter our Secretary will have the library at home, you are welcome to collect any book by arrangement.

Anyone wishing to donate books, or suggest new books to buy, please contact the Secretary.

Equipment hire

The Association has two stainless steel centrifugal honey extractors, one three-frame and one four-frame, and a heated uncapping tray for members to hire.
The cost is £10 for one item or £15 for two, with a £50 cheque deposit which will be returned provided the equipment is returned in a clean undamaged condition. There is a rental agreement here: Extractor Rental Agreement.
An uncapping fork is provided with the tray.

To reserve an extractor and/or tray for a particular time please contact Gary Grindle 01452 760138, email Gary Grindle.

Honey Show

Our annual Honey Show is in October, in place of the monthly indoor meeting. You can see an example Schedule here: Honey Show Schedule 2017. The Schedule and Entry Form will be sent to all members a month or so before the Show.

For some advice on preparing exhibits see here: Notes on the Presentation of Honey for Showing

You can see photos of our last Honey Show here: Honey Show photos

Offers and discounts

From time to time we arrange bulk buys to allow members to get popular beekeeping items at good prices. Our regular buys include bee suits from BB Wear, honey jars, varroa treatments, and frames. Details will be circulated to members when the buys are being planned. If you wish to place an individual order with BB Wear you will need to provide proof of your Dean Forest Beekeepers membership to receive a discount. 

As a BBKA member you are also entitled to membership of the Booker wholesale stores group where good prices are available on many household and food supplies, including sugar. Take your BBKA membership card along to any Booker store for free registration.


Please send suggestions of other files to add here to the webmaster.

Dean Forest Beekeepers

Our apiary record card, in Word format or in pdf format

Beekeeping level checklists: Absolute beginner       Beginner     Intermediate-Advanced

From little acorns    The history of our apiary, by Val Vivian Griffiths.

The Chronicles of Bee’d the Obscure   by Allan Wells.

Bee development

Honey Bee Life History    by Gordon D. Waller. It dates from 1980 but is an excellent thorough description of the complete honey bee life cycle.

Bee development and worker tasks    is a one page chart showing the brood development times and tasks of the three bee castes.

The Bee Year    A chart showing the seasonal development of a bee colony.

Apiary management

Varroa monitoring and control guide    A page from the DEFRA ‘Managing Varroa’ booklet which explains how to assess the level of varroa in a colony.

Managing varroa    The full DEFRA booklet.