Dean Forest Beekeepers Association are running three training courses this season that you will hopefully want to consider:

  • Honey Bee Health Course (26th May / £50 including lunch – moved from 5th May & previously called Improvers Course): The course covers bee diseases and pests including management of varroa and practical experience of shook swarm, bailey comb change & full disease check.  This course would also be ideal for anyone considering taking the BBKA Bee Health Certification.  This course is aim at those who are at a level where they have passed or could pass their BBKA basic assessment.  Please complete and return the application form to book your space.
  • Microscopy Course (9-10 June / £70 including lunch): This course follows the syllabus of the BBKA Microscope Certificate but there is no commitment to take the exam if you don’t want to.  The course covers the theory and practicals of microscope setup, making pollen slides, Acarine and Nosema disease diagnosis, bee dissection, and first steps in mounting bee parts on slides.  All micrscopy equipment is provided for the course.
  • Queen Rearing Course (23rd June / £50 including lunch): This course provides an introduction to queen rearing suited to those who have 4 to 12 colonies. The course will cover the theory of selection, hive requirements, set up options, and the miller method of queen raising. In the afternoon, practical sessions will cover how to asses a hive, one method of setting up a hive for queen rearing, making up nucs, and introducing queen cells. This course is aim at those who are at a level where they have passed or could pass their BBKA basic assessment.

To book your place or ask any questions please contact Jon Axe (Honey Bee Health Course), Bob Snowdon (Microscopy Course), Jon Axe (Queen Rearing Course).  Contact details can be found here.

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