The Dean Forest Beekeeping Association and Teaching Apiary is run by volunteers and managed by a committee.  If you have any queries or there is something you’d like the committee to consider we’d love to hear from you.

Committee Members:

Andrew White

01594 544268

Rosemary Snowdon

01594 860737

Jim Vivian-Griffiths

01600 714428

Adam Parker (c/o Sec)

Apiary Manager (Bees)

Ladi Broadman

Apiary Manager (Equip)

Jonathan Axe

07990 698931
Bob Snowdon

01594 860737

Krysia Kolodziejek

Honey Show Secretary
01981 540442

Richard Matthews

Show Coordinator

Other Volunteers:

Gary Grindle

Extractor Rental
01452 760138

Gary Grindle

Grass Cutting Rota
01452 760138

Bob Snowdon

GBKA Delegate 
01594 860737