Nucs for sale (April)

5/6 frame nucleus - over wintered 2016 queen - available mid April, weather dependent, 8 currently available. Cost £165 housed in a brand new maisemore poly nuc with feeder. Or £140 bring your own hive. Queens are raised from my selected best colonies. Will provide as much support as possible after purchase with a site visit if required, within local area. Collection in person preferred. Pre order by contacting on: or 07986 84

The Asian Hornet

The Asian Hornet The Asian Hornet, present in France since 2004, has spread as far as Brittany and Belgium, so the risk of it reaching this country is now very high. Asian Hornets are slightly smaller than our native hornets and have different markings. They catch and kill honey bees at their hive entrances, and are a serious threat to bee colonies. The National Bee Unit think they might arrive in 2014, but they could be here this year and beekeepers are

2015 Honey Show Results

Our 2015 Honey Show was on Saturday 3rd October at the Main Place, Coleford. Congratulations to all the prize winners, who are listed here: Class Description First Second Third Highly Commended 1 One jar of clear light run honey Jim Vivian-Griffiths Jonathan Axe Bob Snowdon Jim Vivian-Griffiths 2 One jar of clear medium or dark run honey Andrew Phillips Bob Snowdon