Nucs for sale

Two five frame nucs for sale, £125.00 each. Home grown, not swarms, both queens started laying last week (end of May). Nuc boxes can be returned after the bees are hived. Contact Bill Brown on 07815121170 or 01291620082 ...

For Sale – Colony and Hive + Super

One colony of bees in a national hive with one super for sale £100. The colony is in good health with nine frames of brood and two of stores. A super was put on one week ago. The colony would best suit an experienced beekeeper. Sadly I must stop beekeeping due to increasing allergy to bee venom. Inspections welcome at Bishton Lane, Tutshill.Anne - 01291 626938 ...

For Sale – Tangential Extractor and Stand

Allergy to bee stings forces sale of the following that were purchased last summer and only used once: Thorne's B.S. Tangential Table Top Extractor (product code E1800) suitable for up to 5 hives, National/WBC, costing £246 stand for bolting to the floor costing £42 Price for both is £110 ono. Contact: Gary Dermody 01594833590 or 07964737306

Honey Wanted

HONEY WANTED If anyone has honey in buckets for sale, please let me know. Best prices paid and will collect. Gary Grindle E-mail: Tel:            01452760138 Mobile:      07508834431

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