Introductory Course – promising new beekeepers

Enrolment for our Introduction toBeekeeping Course is now open.Sign up here Our course has been designed for those who have had no experience of honey bees, and is intended as a “taster” for those who may consider taking up beekeeping the following year. In the morning there will be a talk/discussion with participants covering the following: The hives we use to keep our bees and the equipment needed. A description of the roles of the bee...

28th February: Film Night

You are invited to a Dean Forest Beekeepers evening of bee films from the the 1930s to 1960s. The films are Abbot productions filmed mostly at the Rothamsted Experimental Station: Discovery and Measurement of Queen SubstancePages from C.P. Abbott’s scrapbookWith Manley to the heatherWhen bee meets beeThe life of the honey bee A perfect evening for those who think there aren’t enough tweed jackets worn in beekeeping anymore and wonder why more don’t...

2019 Training Courses

Basic Course: This course consists of six evening lectures and four weekend practical sessions. The subjects covered are: natural history of the honey bee, beekeeping principles and practice, equipment and clothingdisease poisoning and pests, manipulation of a honey bee colony.  Further details can be found here. Honey Bee Health Course (£50 - Saturday 4th May 2019): This course covers bee diseases including management of varroa and prac...

2018 Honey Show Results

Our Honey show took place on the 6th October at the Main Place in Coleford. A good enjoyable day was had by all, helped out greatly with the excellent lunch provided by Rosemary. Dave Sutton, our Honey Judge, provided open judging with lots of tips and tricks which was especially appreciated by our candidates taking module 2 this November. The most keenly contested class was the light honey with approx. 20 entries, first prize was taken by Di Webb but ...

2018 BBKA Basic Certification Congratulations

Dean Forest Beekeepers would like to congratulate the following members on passing the BBKA Basic Certificate this summer: Sarah James Anna Stankiewicz Simon Preest Paul Jones Kerry Wynn Corinne May Passing the Basic Assessment demonstrates proficiency at all the things which new beekeepers need to know and provides self confidence that your skills and knowledge are on the right track.  It is the gateway to other BBKA practical a

A great day out on the 2018 Bee Safari

We all had a fabulous time at the 2018 Bee Safari with everyone learning inside tips and tricks for reading colonies. Our warmest thanks go to Marin Anastassov who led us through a number of colony inspections with a focus on what the bees are telling us about the state of the colony before and during our inspections.  Without inspecting the record cards beforehand we were able to identify a swarm that had been hived up 4-5 weeks

Basic Beekeeping Course Congratulations

  We'd like to congratulate all the students who have just completed our 2018 Basic Beekeeping Course. The six winter theory sessions (in the snow) and four practical sessions (in the sun) provided you with all the information you need to get started in beekeeping and will stand you in good stead when you decide to take the BBKA Basic Certification (hint!) We've been really impressed with you as a group and hope you will join us on our Thursday eve...

Keeping Healthier Bees – our Honey Bee Health Course

On Saturday 26th May, seven of our members took time out from their own bees to attend our Honey Bee Health course led by Jim Vivian-Griffiths, Val Vivian-Griffiths, and Adam Parker (all Master Beekeepers).  This course helps beekeepers improve their understanding and practice of beekeeping and aligns to the syllabus of the new BBKA Honey Bee Health Certification. During the morning Jim shared his knowledge and experience of the current and po

Tom Swaine Trophy

The Tom Swaine Cup was awarded at the GBKA AGM to the team that worked on the new exhibition stand. Three of the winners are Dean Forest Beekeepers members Krysia Kolodziejek, Dave Kennedy, and Angie Horlick, the other team member being Mike Hunt who is GBKA President. Please join me in both thanking them for their fantastic contributions and congratulating them on receipt of this award.

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