Basic Beekeeping Course

Our next Basic Beekeeping Course, led by Master Beekeeper Jim Vivian-Griffiths, starts on Monday 19th February 2018. There will be 6 evening sessions followed by four practical sessions in our apiary. The course provides a complete introduction to beekeeping for beginners and those who take it can be very confident of keeping bees successfully. You can download a registration form here: Basic Beekeeping Course - 2018 If you would like more informa

Hunting for a Drone Congregation Area

Continuing a busy month, members of Dean Forest Beekeepers explored a Drone Congregation Area near Ross-on-Wye on Sunday 9th July. The group flew helium balloons at heights of over 10 metres with a virgin queen suspended below the balloons, and as the photos show, successfully attracted drones from a congregation area nearby. Many thanks to Isabelle and Stephen Green for organising the hunt and providing the virgin queens, and to Isabelle and Jim Vivian...

One day Introduction to Beekeeping

Dean Forest Beekeepers are again offering their one-day Introductory Beekeeping Course this June The course is taught by  Jim Vivian-Griffiths, a Master Beekeeper and one of our most experienced members. The day consists of a morning session where Jim provides an overview of what is involved in keeping bees, and an afternoon practical session, looking at bees in their hives in our Lydney apiary. This course is an excellent introduction to beekeeping,

Phil Phelps 1937 – 2016

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that our dear friend and long standing Dean Forest member Phil passed away peacefully at 5.40pm this afternoon. He has been ill for 18 months, and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about 6 months ago.He died at home in the house where he was born 79 years ago. I'm sure you will all join with us in sending his wife Jean and his family our deepest sympathy.Jim and Val, Tuesday 10th MayPhil's funeral was hel

We are supporting new research into viruses linked to varroa

Dean Forest Beekeepers are committing funds to a new project to help beekeepers deal with the major pest affecting our bees, the varroa mite. This 10 minute film from a recent BBC Spotlight programme gives an introduction. We will be contributing £300 a year for the next 3 years to BDI (Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd), the organisation which provides insurance against colony losses for UK beekeepers, to support ground breaking research into the relation...

The Asian Hornet

The Asian Hornet, present in France since 2004, has spread as far as Brittany and Belgium, so the risk of it reaching this country is now very high. Asian Hornets are slightly smaller than our native hornets and have different markings. They catch and kill honey bees at their hive entrances, and are a serious threat to bee colonies. The National Bee Unit think they might arrive in 2014, but they could be here this year and beekeepers are asked to watch out

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